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The Clips is a News App Entertainment in Which we offer 3 Services on a Single Platform. Our Vision as a journalist is to provide you with accurate News in Telugu and other regional languages. Besides, we are trying to remove the barriers between Leaders and Common Man through this platform.

What's in The Clips?

Breaking News - News Summary in Less than 60 Words

We Provide Breaking News Summary in the form of Images, Audio Clips, and Videos. News from Village, Mandal, District and State Level in One Place. With our Location-based High Priority News, we show you the Personalized Regional News First. Also, you can share, bookmark your favorite articles and view them anytime.

Special Shows- To Expose the Reality

In these Special Shows, we have Exclusive Content like Fact Check Shows, Face-to-Face Shows, Sting Operations, Special Shows for Women, Educational Shows for Children, and many more. Likewise, we check the reality of Viral News from different sources and show you the Truth.

Fan Club - Question Your Leader in Just 3 Clicks

In Fan Club, we have the List of Constituencies and Celebrity Profiles. If you are having any news or facing any problem in your constituency, you can share your problem by just clicking on the "Request" tab in the App. We will try to solve the problem with Journalism's help and post it back in the "Progress" Tab. Also, By just clicking on "Fan Request" in Celebrity profiles, you can interact with your Favourite Artist through a video message. Best of all, you will get updates on the daily schedules of Celebrities, and also, you can check the response to your video message in the "Achievements" Column.