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Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy of The Clips App

We are very careful about the content shown on our app and take great pride in the accuracy of the content we make. We’ve established stringent editorial standards to ensure consistently high content quality, with the main features outlined below.

  1. Sourcing News Clips from Multiple Sources:

We double-check each news clips information from at least three different sources to ensure their authenticity. Our writers read several articles about each news clip, extracting the typical details that appear, and then write original material for the post. This method of sourcing from several articles means that our news clips are impartial and non-opinionated and do not represent the viewpoints of a single news source.

  1. Multiple layers of our review process:

  • We likewise guarantee that each news clip is subjected to several levels of evaluation. The first is a self-review process in which The Clip’s author evaluates each submission using a specially crafted internal checklist to ensure that it complies with the vocabulary, grammar, plagiarism, and content standards.
  • At the main tier of evaluation, a content editor double-checks that all of the standards have been enforced.
  • Throughout the way, we use cutting-edge anti-plagiarism tools, which adds another layer of scrutiny to guarantee that no inappropriate material makes it in.
  • To enhance our review process, we added an extra layer of review to double-check spellings, grammar, and facts to assure that all of our News Clips are error-free to the fullest degree possible.
  1. We never encourage Copied Content:

  • We like to be creative rather than copying others content. Plagiarism is unacceptable, and any violation would not be appreciated. We make every effort to use only content that has been licensed to us by one of our multiple content providers, and only in the ways that have been settled upon in the terms of the license. 
  • We employ strict anti-plagiarism steps, addressing even the use of three or more consecutive terms from a source as allegedly plagiarized. Of course, we don’t think it plagiarism if these three consecutive terms are part of a direct quote.
  • We often use cutting-edge anti-plagiarism tools that enforce high standards and alarms any News Clip that fails to reach them. Plagiarism is reviewed at each and every point, thanks to the various levels of scrutiny.
  1. Respecting the intellectual property of Others:

We place a high priority on our intellectual property and treat others’ intellectual property with the same regard. Our editors make certain that the photographs used in our News Clips are either open source or licensed under a particular license. The internal checklist and multi-layer analysis process ensure that the origins of each picture on the News Clips is well documented.

  1. Quality in Language and style:

To maintain continuity in the vocabulary of our News Clips and the manner in which the News Clips are written, we make sure that they all stick to the grammar styles that are given to each writer in our comprehensive editorial policy.