Andhra Pradesh prioritizes pumped hydro storage plants: Ramana Reddy, Managing Director of Renewable Energy Corporation Of India.

Techno-Feasibility Study on 29 Locations Was Carried Out. – S Ramana Reddy (M.D of NREDCAP)

The state government has agreed to encourage renewable energy initiatives for a variety of reasons, including satisfying rising energy demand, attracting funding, ensuring 24-hour power availability, and preserving grid balance. Four of the seven locations are near natural reservoirs, while the other three are off-river sites with a total theoretical capacity of 6,300 MW. According to S Ramana Reddy, new projects will be established in Gandikota (Kadapa), Chitavati (Ananthapura), Somasila (Nellore), Owk (Kurnool), and two districts-Kurukutti and Karrivalasa (Vizianagaram) and Yerravaram (Visakhapatnam).

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